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We’re proud to share a handful of recent testimonials from our happy customers. Mattie’s Strudel Haus is dedicated to exceptional customer care and will always go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied with our products and service. If you’ve had experience with us and have feedback, please get in touch - we’d love to hear it.

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Customer Testimonials

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My eyes rolled back in my head out of bliss when I bit into the Artichoke Spinach strudel.  I'll be back!

Karen Montgomery

I baked One as soon as I got home and it was wonderful... Very very close to the strudel my Nana made.  Brought back many memories..I will certainly buy more.
Thank you.

Donna Walk

FUNDRAISER for Peaceable Kingdom
Working with the staff was easy and they were very organized. Strudels were super yummy!

Tiffany Ann

I bought an apple and cabbage strudel to celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary. Delicious and mouthwatering are some adjectives I could use. My grandmother was Hungarian and my husband and I recently traveled to Hungary. Your strudel brought back many heart filled memories. Thank you and I will be back soon to order more.

Theresa Sanders

I can't say enough about Mattie's Strudels! I've been a customer for about a year now and keep coming back! Need I say more? Our favorite is the Bacon Chicken Ranch with the Stromboli a close second! Apple is delicious too!

Ellen Nagy

Thank you to Mattie’s Strudel Haus for another delicious dinner!! We tried the Taco 🌮 Strudel tonight & it was full of flavor, absolutely delicious!! We have also tried the Buffalo Chicken Strudel, and the Pastie Strudel. I’m looking forward to trying the Cheesesteak Strudel I bought for next week!! 😋
If you have not tried these tasty strudels, you are definitely missing out!! The owner, Kelly, is a sweetheart and has amazing talent! Best of luck on your journey! 🖤

Melissa Louise

Kelly is an amazing Strudel artist. I think we have tried at least one of each except for a few new flavors she's added. My family loves the apple, buffalo chicken, Cheesesteak the best! She makes these strudels with love and they are flaky & flavorful! These are a must try!

Korie Urban

Nazareth peeps, I seriously can’t recommend these strudels enough. Want a break from pizza night? Want something different for the playoff game? Don’t want to cook next Christmas Day? TRY THESE. They are handmade and rolled. You buy them frozen and pop them in the oven frozen to cook (no need to preheat). The savory ones are our favorite (Cheesesteak and Buffalo Chicken are our favorites), but there are also breakfast and dessert strudels. They are large, loaded with the filling, low carb, and cost $14-$15 each. And Kelly, the owner, is a sweetheart.

Becky Cooper Fortunato

These are authentic from Kelly's family heritage. We are so lucky to have someone carry on this craft! It truly is a craft and a delicious one at that!

Patty Laury Jones

I ordered cheesesteak strudels for a 4th of July picnic, and they made a great appetizer. Everyone loved them! Definitely ordering again for the next event, Thanks Kelly�

Brittany Watson

OMG! I picked up Tuesday and met the owner and her mom. What nice people! Best yet? I made one of the cabbage strudels tonight with dinners, and it took me back to when my Grammy made them 30 + years ago. So authentic! So delicious! You have to try them.

Matt Fodor

I picked up four strudels this morning.  I baked one cabbage for my husband while he was sleeping.  I walked downstairs and heard, “Oh, My God!  Oh, My God!, Oh, My God!”  I ran upstairs to see what was wrong.  He was eating a piece and said, “I’m so happy I ordered this.  It’s just like my mom’s.”  His mom died in 1984.  Thanks so much for all your hard work.

Renée Gergar

The very best!!! The 20 of us that go to the shore every summer enjoy them so much. If I didn't bring Mattie's Strudels, I think my family would not want me there!

Patricia Jones


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