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Fundraising Made Fun

The Answers You Need

We like the flexibility to work one-on-one with our customers. 

For fundraising, we are offering one size 12" strudels. Allowing you to select (6) different flavors from the menu attached. We recommend (3) Savory Meals and (3) Sweet Treats for a nice variety. We sell them to you at wholesale pricing, which allows you to price them accordingly to meet your fundraising goals.

After the strudel flavors are chosen, we will complete and provide a customized sell sheet, made specifically for your specific fundraising event.
If interested in receiving a fundraising letter, sample sell sheet, and menu click here to email a request.

Fresh Approach to Raising Money

At Mattie’s Strudel Haus we offer a local community-based fund-raising program that will be the talk of your organization. People will ask for more - and you'll make more for your cause and organization. We offer a select choice of “Homemade Authentic Hungarian Strudel,” dough that's hand-stretched paper thin and filled with an assortment of different ingredients ranging from fresh fruits, cheeses, vegetables, and meats.

Why Fund-Raise with Strudel?

  • Great Profits

  • Easy to Sell

  • Hand-Made, Frozen, Ready-to-Bake

  • Unsurpassed, Premium-Quality Ingredients

  • Variety, we make both Sweet and Savory Strudels

  • Award-Winning

  • Tried and True Reputation

  • Made in Nazareth, Pennsylvania!

  • Customers ask, "When are you going to sell those again?"